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Pixcarve has the capabilities and dedication to meet your growing business needs. Our suite of hosting services come with the provision of comprehensive web site management, 99.99% uptime guarantee, assured online and offline support, and a dedicated support team to ensure that your site performs with optimal efficiency

Our suite of hosting services caters to the different and divergent needs of clients, whether you are looking for a shared hosting service with minimal cost and maintenance or if you want a dedicated internet infrastructure for your growing internet applications Pixcarve can do it for you. From small and medium businesses to large conglomerates, we have reliable and pertinent hosting solutions for your individual requirements.

Technical Specifications:
The servers are APACHE, Lotus Domino and Microsoft IIS fast Ethernet connected to a OC-48 or OC 192 equivalent of 16 T3 put together and on a 100 MB Fast Ethernet LAN.

  • Pixcarve's servers are IBM Netfinity Class and Intel Servers.
  • All of them are multi-processor with High-end processors.
  • Hard-drives are high performance Ultra SCSI hard drives.
  • Fault-tolerant 100 MB network interfaces.
  • The system is under 24 hrs UPS and a generator and is backed up daily.
  • Each of the system has been stress tested to handle more than a million hits a day.

The servers do not need to be brought down for maintenance. Only for hardware upgrades. Approximately once in 3 months for 1 hour.

Tight physical security is maintained at all entrances and exits, with fingerprint check and id check devices. Network is monitored 24x7 by UUNET. All administrative access to the servers is through protocols supporting encryption such as SSH, this disables any attempt covert attempt to transmit highly secure information such as id and passwords to a third party. The software configurations are updated periodically to ensure maximum security.

If you need to find out more about us or need to discuss your site?
Please feel free to give us a call at + 91 91764 66606 for a friendly discussion on how we can help your company grow to be successful on the World Wide Web.

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